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About Fuat BALTA Lecturer

Fuat BALTA Lecturer, Graduated from State Academy Fine Arts ``Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University - Fine Arts Faculty`` MBA, Istanbul Turkiye.


Ex-Fine Arts Lecturer, Istanbul Aydin University.

Business and Capital Development Advisor.



Co-Author AiiA Book ``New Opportunites in the New Economy by AIIA``

One of the Founder AiiA Inc. new generation technology development and investment company to reach the following purposes together with business and technology leader Founder, President CEO Dr.Eric SCHMIDT.


Protect Startups investors Capital.

Establish a seed startup AiiA E-Money Crowdfund with 100% E-Money `1/2 Bitcoin - 1/2 USDC =USD``  Investment Fund Collateral


Protect investment capital of startup investors.


Raising capital to AIIA seed tech startup with high returns E-Money COmpany Treasury investment fund.

Decentralization of Key Industries with AIIA Technology.

Lead to establish AIIA together with Founder, President CEO DR. Eric SCHMIDT to launch AIIA new generation technology startup to the decentralization of selected key industries, and some of the tech startups will launch in 2020.

Capitalization of AIIA startup Technology development and investment company from the blockchain industry by AIIA E-Money Crowdfund.

Tech startup E-Money Crowdfunding with 100% E-Money ``Bitcoin`` Investment Fund Collateral to protect startup investors


Raising capital from seed stage, A, B, C, and D stage up to $50 company treasury with 100% E-Money Investment Fund collateral under custody bank of the fund to launch each tech startup after closing startup debt.

Short term Capitalization of AIIA Tech Company Treasury.

Short term finance of E-Money Investment funds of AIIA Tech CompanY will provide via securities lending and repo market up to $10 Billion E-Money Investment Fund collateral from the new generation blockchain industry.

Middle term Capitalization of Tech Company Treasury.

Via issue corporate bond with 100% E-Money Fund Collateral.

1/2 E-Gold -1/2 E-Money investment instruments] from the global capital market up to $10 Billion for AIIA tech company.


Issue corporate bond with 100% E-old Fund Collateral.

1/2 E-Gold -1/2 E-Money investment instruments] from the global capital market up to $10 Billion for AIIA tech company.

Decentralization of key Industries with creative and innovative technology.


Decentralize the key industries with a creative and innovative approach and technology together with thousands of code developers, engineers, industry designer partners, and inventors worldwide.


Capitalization of the industry from the new generation emoney capital market of the blockchain industry.

Create investment capital to the manufacturing industry from the blockchain capital market by industrial emoney investment funds.

  • Decentralization of the Finance Industry.

AIA Tech development and investment company will lead to the blockchain industry and new generation investment and online banking industry via to the decentralization of the Finance industry to hire a couple of million new generation online investment and banking service providers and provide online E-Money  Banking Services to over 2 billion active Facebook users by own Facebook Workplace.

  • Decentralization of Broadcasting Industry.\

Media, TV, Entertainment & Broadcasting Industry by iTV Channels Network via funding and investing thousands of new YouTube creators and local TV Channels.

  • Decentralization fo other key industries.

Establish other creative startup technology companies to the decentralization of other industries like Automotive, Aviation, Electronics, Transport, and other key industries.

  • Growth New Generation Entrepreneurs.

Become a partner with code developers and industrial designers to develop extraordinary technology, design, prototype, provide innovative technology, new models, design, and patent to industrialists of the US & Europe via a partnership.

  • Reduce high production costs via sell products with the E-Money exchange tool of the blockchain industry.

Launch E-Money commerce accelerator investment funds to BUY and SELL products of suppliers of the US and Europe region with E-Money to reduce high production costs to compete with competitors of low-cost countries.

  • Accelerate the speed of sales.

Organize a new generation e-commerce marketplace among manufacturers, industrialists, suppliers, exporters, importers, wholesalers, retail chain companies, and retailers to accelerate the speed of sales and sell products with emoney.


Hire millions of freelancers, online retailers, to work with them with the AIIA e-commerce marketplace to sell digital and physical products by e-money to consumers worldwide.

Accelerate the speed of sales by LinkedIn NETWORK sales Force and E-commerce marketplace.

  • Increase production.

Increase production in the US and Europe region.

  • Create new jobs.


Create millions of new job positions in the US and Europe Region.

AIIA Founders Channel:

Communication with Entrepreneurs by AIIA Channel.

AIIA Founders podcasts will be Question and Answer ``QA`` platform of startup Co-Founders, Tech Co-Founders, CEO, CTO, CFO of companies, Digital Leaders, and Talents, Academicians, Creators of Design Industry.

Share business and capital development programs to become partners with new generation tech startups.

Invite tech developer partners, academicians, designers, scientists, authors, editors, startup tech co-founders, creative talents to answer questions according to their own profession to share the experience with podcast listeners.

Master Class

You can Learn, Free Master Class for those who want to launch their own online business with the internet and a laptop without capital.

How you can invest AIIA tech startup and other startups of AIIA Founders as one of the tech startup investors with 100% AIIA E-Money investment fund collateral to protect your investments.?

Free Masterclass for who wants to launch their own online business as one of a wholesale broker or retail broker via joining AIIA Sales FORCE e-marketplace.


You can join Free Music, Movie, and Online Game Tournament with Prize sponsored by AIIA Founders.



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It`s up to you.

Fuat BALTA Lecturer

AiiA Founders VP.