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Former CEO, Executive Chairman Google, Chairman National Security Commission on AI,

Founder President & CEO of AiiA Bank.

Fuat BALTA Lecturer

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Lecturer, Business and Capital Developer,

Founder VP of AiiA Bank, Ph.D. Student Early Stage

Tech Companies Researcher and Development Program

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 It is just the beginning to update old world economy rules and tools as a start update old version centralized finance industry via decentralization new generation blockchain capital market by startup AiiA the development and investment company.
Grow billions of dollar Personal Treasury Fund from trillion dollars blockchain industry.
Create Startup Capital from billions of dollar Personal Treasury Fund to every wallet of the 18+ to 65+ years old people via integrating simple mobile apps on mobile phones and PC.
Create income in case of no job, lost a job, work, or retire with an insufficient paycheck to save the financial future in a short time, immediately as new generation insurance funds.
Reduce JOB and UNEMPLOYMENT  chaos and the nightmare of COVID  in the United States and  European Countries as soon as possible in a short time and forever.


Podcasts to share Solutions for every ewallets, every company, every startups and investors.


Online Webinars to talk about problems of old world economy and solutions of Idea Economy, New Opportunites in the New Economy.


Online Master Class for

Startup Investors,

New Generation Business

and Technology Leaders, Entrepreneurs & Executives


Online Events to talk about New opportunities in the  new economy.for ewallets, startups, companies, industry, and NPO organizations.