Our Coaches Change The World Become a Capital BRIDGE Coaches of Ai Founders 100K or more benefits

Coaches of the Finance Industry.

Grow and hire a couple of millions of certified online Capital BRIDGE COACHES to provide over 2 billion active Facebook users.

. . .

Coaches of the e-commerce Industry.

Grow and hire millions of certified buy-side and sell-side brokers, dealers, traders, and coaches for local and overseas e-commerce, e-cargo, e-logistic, e-warehouse, e-container, e-delivery among suppliers, and 

wholesalers, wholesalers, and retailers, retailers, and consumers.

 . . .


Coaches of the travel industry.

E-Booking, E-Airplane Tickets, E-Rent a Car, E-Tours,

E-Home Vacancy, E-Ride, or Drive.

. . .

Coaches of Cloud Tech Development.

Grow and Hire Cloud technology developer talents to develop AI technology and cloud technology to sell and cloud technology to industrial partners with partnership contracts.

. . .

Coaches of Industry Design.

Grow and Hire, Industry designers, to develop extraordinary models, prototypes, brands for Automotive, electronic, mobile phone, home appliance, IoT, and other industries like aviation, and transport program.

. . .

Coaches of Entertainment Industry.

Grow and Hire, talents for E-web design, E-music production, E-Movie production, E-digital movie, E-digital game, E-Virtual Reality, E-TV content creators and designers with partnership contracts to develop creative products for the entertainment industry,

. . .

Coaches of Micro Industry.

In the Middle Term, Decentralization of Manufacturing Industry with Micro Industry Coaches. 

Grow and Hire, new generation entrepreneurs to the decentralization of production industry with Micro Production Units, Micro FACTORIES, Micro FARMS, Micro SEA FARMS, Micro KITCHENS, Micro FAST FOODS, and other Micro PRODUCTION UNITS to spread Micro FACTORIES in the every State, Every City, Every Town, and every even village instead to establish a couple of giant factories in a couple of large cities. 

. . .


Grow, and Hire As a Priority.

Grow and hire undergraduate and graduate students of colleges and universities of the United States who want to launch their freelancer online business as one of the Coaches of NPO Ai Founders and Startup Tech Companies.